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Recently, I fell into a dark internet hole – you know, one of those “Google’s who Cara Delevingne is currently dating, ends up reading about how WW2 started” kind of situations. This time, I was reading about Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, the socialite wife of John F Kennedy Jr. She was arguably the most influential style icon of the 1990’s (although Kate Moss is definitely a contender) and her tragic death in a plane accident alongside her husband remains one of the most mysterious and conspiracy-theoried events in history.

Carolyn’s style was timeless – think Calvin Klein minimalism crossed with Audrey Hepburn’s effortless grace. Naturally, when I came across a feature on xoJane about Carolyn’s favourite beauty products, I was intrigued. Alongside the perfect neutral eye shadow from Bobbi Brown, and a Kiehl’s leave-in conditioning treatment with a cult following, there was her favourite scent. It’s a perfume oil by New York niche brand Abdul Kareem. Like, so niche it’s sold on Amazon, not in a fragrance store. Titled ‘Egyptian Musk Oil’, it’s premise is to make you smell like “skin”, basically neutral, but the best, most intoxicating neutral possible. xoJane enthused “it is lovely – basically impossible for anyone, male or female, to dislike.” I was hooked, and already pulling out my credit card to make my purchase.


Abdul Kareem Egyptian Musk Oil, $16.99

This was my first foray into perfume oils, and it’s certainly not been my last. Egyptian Musk Oil was exactly as amazing as xoJane had made it out to be – I constantly field compliments about it when I wear it. But the real magic is in it’s oil base. My transition to oil fragrances was primarily because of their longevity. If you’ve ever been frustrated by how quickly your Eau de Parfum disappears after spritzing, you’re not alone. At the very least, I was there with you in solidarity. No matter where I applied my EDP’s – pulse points, onto my clothes, in my hair – their delicious scent faded in mere hours.

The other plus to the longevity of perfume oils is that you use less – obviously, over the course of a day given reapplication is rarely needed. But even your initial application uses less. A little roll on your wrists and behind ears, instead of misting all across your body several times. Added bonus? They’re often significantly cheaper than their EDP and even EDT counterparts.

So, what perfume oils am I currently coveting? Read on…

Malin + Goetz Cannabis Perfume Oil


Malin + Goetz @ Mecca Cannabis Perfume Oil, $72

I know what you’re thinking – cannabis? As perfume? But this is not so much actually smelling like marijuana and more the concept of marijuana – there’s the classic 60’s free love notes of patchouli and sandalwood as base, while fig, pepper, and citrus notes give green freshness. I walked into a dinner party last weekend, and four of the six friends in attendance were in raptures over this scent when they smelled it on me.

Lumira Cuban Tobacco Perfume Oil


Lumira Perfume Oil Cuban Tobacco, $49

You may have come across Lumira’s gorgeous candle range before, but their perfume oils – Cuban Tobacco, Arabian Oud and Persian Rose – are equally as divine. My personal pick however is Cuban Tobacco – it’s the perfect blend of masculine and feminine, with (of course) tobacco, musk and vanilla base notes blending with a clean floral middle. Think lounging in the darkest corner of a 1920’s prohibition era secret bar – a total woman of mystery, that’s the essence of this scent.

Byredo Gypsy Water Roll On Oil


Byredo @ Mecca Gypsy Water Roll On Oil, $80

Gypsy Water is a cult, sought after scent in and of itself – but put it in a roll on oil and not only do you give it greater longevity, you also have it in a travel friendly size that’s perfect for nights out. As it’s name connotes, Gypsy Water is earthy, yet light and fresh. Bergamot, lemon and pepper give way to a base of pine needles, amber and sandalwood, so it has weight without being night-time heavy.

Diptyque Philosykos Roll On Perfume


Diptyque @ Mecca Philosykos Roll-On Perfume Oil, $56

Philosykos has the most phenomenal reviews. “Be prepared for people to stop you to ask about the perfume you’re wearing,” says one review on the Mecca website. Reminiscent of a summers day in Greece, this is a scent that celebrates fig, pairing it with coriander, blackcurrant, coconut and cedar. Sound strange? It is – but in the best kind of way.

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  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan // Thu, 2 February 2017 11:15pm

    I like so many different types of fragrances, I need to invest in some more perfume oil.

  • Posted by: cottoncandy19 Master Fan // Tue, 14 February 2017 12:32am

    Never tried a perfume oil in my life

  • Posted by: Bijoux Master Fan // Wed, 15 February 2017 12:25pm

    I love the sound of perfume oil!

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