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Don’t even try and argue – 90’s movies are the best. Oh, sure – the Golden Age had some crackers (I’ll always have a soft spot for Casablanca thanks to studying it in Uni) but as Millennials, 90’s movies just remind us of sneakily watching M 15+ films when Mum wasn’t looking, right? Basically – they have a certain nostalgia about them. And as for the gals in these films – these were our first style crushes, the women who had all the effortless cool-girl vibes we craved as awkward, pubescent pre-teens.

90’s fragrance is having a major resurgence right now – Helmut Lang’s iconic signature scent, released right at the tail end of the decade and only in the States, has come Aus-side recently. Cult perfumes like ckOne and Mugler’s Angel have fresh, 2010’s takes on the market. So it seems fitting that as proper adults now, we find our next unique scent based off our first style love, right?

Cher, Clueless


Vibes: Sweetheart girly-girl who loves the luxe life.

Would wear: Mugler Angel Muse EDP, 30ml, $99


Angel may very well have been your first ever fragrance, and that heady, sweet scent can take you back to the halcyon days of having crushes on boys in Year 6 but freaking out when they want to take you to the school dance (real life story: Patrick wherever you are, I STILL REMEMBER). There’s a sexiness to the scent, and let’s remember Cher in THAT red dress definitely knew how to be sexy – but it’s sweetness, thanks to its hazelnut cream note, keeps it from being too overt – this is a sweet sexiness, not screen-siren. If this perfume was a person, Cher would totally think it was a Betty.

Mia, Pulp Fiction


Vibes: Cool and sophisticated mystery girl with a wild side.

Would wear: Byredo @ Mecca 1996 EDP, 50ml, $158


Mia has to be the ultimate mystery girl of the 90’s. Yes, she’s a total drug addict (who could ever forget THAT heart-stab scene), but let’s conveniently forget about that, ok? Coz let’s face it if we ever sat in front of Pulp Fiction as kids we TOTALLY missed that whole drug side of things. Over our heads. The thing we DO remember about Mia was that she was free and wild and ultra, ultra cool, with zero self-consciousness. Mia wouldn’t want a fragrance that was light and sweet, she would want something intoxicating. Byredo’s 1996 is full on and sexual, it lasts forever and makes you want to grab whoever is wearing it and rub it on yourself (may/may not have done that).

Kat, 10 Things I Hate About You


Vibes: No frills, no bullshit.

Would wear: Malin + Goetz @ Mecca Cannabis Perfume Oil, $72


We loved Bianca Stratford but let’s face it – she was a poor mans Cher Horowitz and her best moment was wearing that amazing pink prom skirt. There, I said it. Kat Stratford, her older, surlier sis, was way cooler. She DGAF about the high school crap happening around her, she wasn’t afraid to be smart and interested in things outside of Prada backpacks, and she managed to look 10/10 even though she seemed to only wear long sleeve tees and cargo pants. Kat would want a fragrance that was naturally sexy but easy to wear. For all its controversy (cannabis!? Perfume!?) this Malin + Goetz oil is gorgeously subtle and woody/green – it’s not really weed in a bottle, more like the VIBE of weed – chilled out, earthy, and no frills.

Corey, Empire Records


Vibe: The unconsciously cool girl.

Would wear: Calvin Klein Ck2 EDT, 50ml, $79


Corey was ethereally gorgeous, insanely smart and managed to walk the line between alt-girl with her Doc Martens, and preppy-high-schooler with her pleated skirts and fluffy jumper (that you definitely searched every Supre rack for). The most important thing about Corey’s coolness though was that she didn’t recognise it in herself. In fact, she was pretty insecure. She would never wear an attention-drawing fragrance. Ck2 has the freshness made famous by it’s original version, ckone (which Corey would definitely have worn), with a bit of spicy modernness thanks to wasabi and wood notes.

Torrance, Bring It On


Vibe: Prom Queen.

Would wear: The Body Shop White Musk EDP, 50ml, $49.95


T-T-T-T-Torrance! The head cheerleader of Rancho Carne High was every bit the high school dream girl – friendly, peppy, and popular. Torrance would definitely rock a perfume that everyone else ended up wearing because they noticed it on her – and she would favour sweet, feminine scents over anything too left of field. White Musk has been around since the 90’s and is still just as popular, thanks to it’s timeless simplicity and gorgeous feminine feel.

Annette, Cruel Intentions


Vibe: An American sweetheart.

Would wear: Issey Miyake L’Eau D’Issey Pure EDP, 50ml, $125


Annette was as pure as they come – yes, her hallmark was her virginity, which she ~gives away~ to Sebastian in the most romantic scene of your entire teen years save for the Romeo + Juliet bed sheet scene (we’ll get to that). But Annette was also pure of heart – she floats through Cruel Intentions blessing everyone with her friendship, not wishing evil on anyone until the very end (and it’s some well-deserved, karmic victory on Katherine, so doesn’t really count). She would definitely wear this modern day version of iconic fresh scent L’Eau D’Issey – it’s basically a rain-shower on a flower field in a bottle.

Helen, I Know What You Did Last Summer


Vibe: Fun times party gal.

Would wear: Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Essence de Parfum, 50ml, $113


Yes, we also all wanted to be Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Julie James. But that was more because we actually identified with her awkward, semi-dorkiness. We ASPIRED to be her bestie Helen Shivers, who – before meeting an untimely end courtesy of a large fish hook – was Croaker Queen, super confident, and had the hottest boyfriend (sorry Freddie Prinze Jr but Ryan Philippe forever). Helen would totally wear something sophisticated – she wanted to move to NYC, after all – and what did every classy woman over the age of 25 own in the 90’s? A bottle of Jean Paul Gaultier’s Classique fragrance. The latest version for 2016 is Essence de Parfum, and the grown-up scent is just as sophisticated-party-girl as it ever was, but with a modern twist of chilli pepper and ginger.

Juliet, Romeo + Juliet


Vibe: Innocence meets passion.

Would wear: Penhaligon’s The Coveted Duchess Rose EDP, 75ml, $369


Yes, Juliet is sweet and innocent. But she’s not a delicate flower – at least not in the cult Baz Luhrmann 90’s take. Juliet’s passion for Romeo leads to huge, emotional cries for freedom from their families feud and despair over Romeo’s “death” (sorry if that was a spoiler but also how have you gone your whole life without learning the R+J story mate). This is a young woman with fire in her heart, which makes this gorgeous, complicated scent from Penhaligon’s perfect – a rich top note of rose makes it super feminine, which the mandarin and ambrox middle/base give it guts. Perfect for someone who likes their floral scents a bit more bodied.

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  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan // Wed, 1 February 2017 10:53am

    Absolutely love the fragrances. Must admit I have only seen a couple of the movies.

  • Posted by: cottoncandy19 Master Fan // Tue, 14 February 2017 12:36am

    I keep seeing the Byredo fragrances everywhere! They must be very popular

  • Posted by: Bijoux Master Fan // Wed, 15 February 2017 12:44pm

    Yes I’m definitely a 90’s girl!

  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan // Wed, 22 February 2017 02:24pm

    A lot of these fragrances I would love to try.

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