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What to do when you find your first grey hair

Fri, 7 August 2009 2:38PM

Something huge happened to me this weekend, Primpers. I FOUND MY FIRST GREY HAIR! Now, as a 25 year old chick, I have to say I’m a little freaked out. What do I do? Pull it? No, surely not. They say you kill 1 grey and 7 come to its funeral. Well, Samantha from Sex and the City says that but surely I can’t risk it. Please tell me I’m not alone. Please. Here’s a post for all you Primpers out there who have suffered the same fate. All I can say is bless you Helen Mirren for making grey hair look so amazingly chic and stylish. I almost want it. Almost.

OK, hyperbole has probably just gone into overdrive there. But I am a little suspicious about this grey hair business. At first I ignored it, went into denial and pretended it wasn’t there. Must have been the lighting. Do you do that, too? But now, there’s no hiding from the fact that I have a grey hair. There’s only 1 at this stage but I know there will be more to come. It’s like wrinkles, they pop up suddenly, only one or two here and there but before you know it you’re rushing to The Clinic to get your half yearly dose of Botox. What? I happily admit that one day, I’ll be all over the Botox.

There’s two ways to go about greys, Primpers. Embrace it and let it take over naturally or dye your hair and try to conceal the colour. Personally, I only have 1 grey hair so there’s no need for me to ‘start embracing’. I think I have a few more years up my sleeve, but taking a look at Helen Mirren here, it’s not a bad option, right? Right.

Yes, good old Hels has a few blonde streaks put through. I like to think of it as maintenance, but grey is still the colour of choice for her. I would so love to think that I’ll be one of those women who keeps it natural and ages gracefully but that takes serious balls, Primpers and I honestly can’t say I’ll be able to throw away the hair dye forever.

I also think it’s worse being a brunette. Don’t you? It’s so much more noticeable and way harder to blend the grey into a few highlights here and there, like Hels.

If you’re one of those chicks who isn’t too into letting your hair colour change naturally, and you’re finding the odd grey around the place like me, here’s what we need to do…

1) The greyer your hair gets, the more complicated it is to camouflage the colour. So, choosing one colour all over might not be the best option. Instead, get your colourist to apply lowlights and highlights to your hair, just to create some depth and contrast.

2) If you’re a brunette and the majority of your hair is grey, ask your colourist to use ash or cool tones in your hair. This will stop any red undertones coming through.

3) Don’t pull them out. I’ll admit to you guys that I totes pulled mine out. There was only 1, what’s the harm in that? There’s no harm in it actually, 7 aren’t really going to come to its funeral but it’s pretty useless, too. Pulling out greys is a short term fix (and something I’ll probably continue to do until there’s too many to pull) but it’s not really a solution.

4) Grey hair doesn’t take too well to hair dye, Primpers. The colour takes much longer to process because the hair is so coarse, so if you have grey roots, touch them up about 15 minutes before applying an at-home hair dye to your ends.

5) Speaking of at-home hair dye, look for products that treat greys and preferably have no ammonia in them, like Garnier HerbaShine, $14.95, their new hair dye that works in 10 minutes, is ammonia free and enriched with bamboo to help strengthen your hair. Good one!

Here it is:

6) And finally, Primpers, you should totes use a shampoo and conditioner that prevents colour fading if you’re going the dye option, otherwise, if you’re embracing the grey, use a violet shampoo to prevent any yellowness popping up. Joico have one called Color Endure Violet Shampoo. It’s $25.95 and looks like this…

Tell me Primpers, have you found any stray greys lurking amongst your hair?
What would you do. Embrace or conceal?
Do you believe if 1 hair is pulled, 7 will come to its funeral? I did, until now. I think it’s worth the risk.

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  • Posted by: Nadist Newbie // Mon, 10 August 2009 08:58am

    The family brunettes and strawberry blondes of my parents’ generation have greyed AMAZINGLY beautifully. The redheads have really struggled with trying to cover the grey, keep their colour, and still look subtle and natural. My hair is blonde, so I have no fear of the grey!

  • Posted by: K // Mon, 10 August 2009 10:02am

    Conceal! At least until your late 40’s! Being brunette and suffering from grey hair since I was 18, I have tried & tested the lot. Best home hair colour is Castings, but highlights/lowlights is the answer. Don’t pull them out! 7 definitely come to the funeral & certainly not dressed in black

  • Posted by: theloveofpink // Mon, 10 August 2009 10:12am

    I am 24 and brunette and find the odd grey – but they’re not even grey, they’re bright white so I like to just pretend they’re because I’ve been dyeing my hair for the past ten years… right? Right. I pluck ’em but am quite diligent about getting my highlights done regularly.

  • Posted by: jusbruers Enthusiast // Mon, 10 August 2009 02:49pm

    I’ve had the odd white hair since I was a kid! I remember my hairdresser making the joke that I had the same colour hair as my dad!

    I have to admit I pull them out cause i’m on a none dying binge and as a brunette the contrast is waaay too great. But that new Garnier dye looks good! Might try it

  • Posted by: Heather // Mon, 10 August 2009 06:27pm

    Thank god you wrote this. I am 19 but i have a few greys already! My mom got her first one when she was 17. I am dark dark dark brunette & man it freaks me out. I am thinking about going a lot lighter though. A bit like Olivia Palermo’s caramel, Russian fudgey colour, just so its not obvious.

  • Posted by: BeautySwatch // Mon, 10 August 2009 08:42pm

    I didn’t find my first one, my boyfriend did!! How embarrassing.. I had mine at age 27! So not far from you Yas.. I refuse to spend money on hair colouring until I have more than 1 white strand..

  • Posted by: Duffy // Tue, 11 August 2009 08:09am

    A good reason not to pull the grey out is that it grows back …. and when it’s grown to about 3 centimeters long its going to stand straight up from the scalp so it won’t hide in your shoulder length brown hair (camouflaged ) but jump up from your head like a grey antenna !

  • Posted by: Juuliaahh Enthusiast // Wed, 12 August 2009 03:17pm

    My grandma freaked out when she got her first grey hairs last year.. at 90!! My parents are both greying, but I take after my grandma, so I can’t say I’m too worried..

  • Posted by: GreenHearts Newbie // Wed, 4 November 2009 03:20pm

    Ekkk. I hope i follow my grandma and not get any grey hairs til im 65 *fingers crossed*

  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan // Sat, 4 July 2015 04:14pm

    Grey hair started appearing in my brown hair, late 20’s or the start of 30’s, I was not impressed.

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