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Top 10: Hair and Makeup from the CFDA Awards

Wed, 17 June 2009 4:01PM

It’s pretty much the Oscars, but for fashion designers. The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Awards, that is, where big name designers are awarded for all their hard sewy work and celebs rock the red carpet to show their support and hope to get even more free clothes. Besides all the amazing frocks being paraded (you can hardly be frumpy at a fashion awards night) the hair and makeup was pretty amazing, too. Here’s our pick of the Top 10.

1. Blake ‘I love to tan’ Lively

Maybe it’s because I have tan envy, or maybe it’s because this shocking pink is one of my favourite colours. Whatever the reason, I think Blake has absolutely NAILED it here. It’s debatable whether she’s gone too far on the tan. What do you think, Primpers? Personally, as I sit here wrapped up like a frickin’ mummy in my Leona opaques and trench coat and scarf and beany and gloves, concealing every last inch of my pasty skin, I wish I looked like Blake here. Her hair is simple. Typical Blake. All Cali girl, softly blow-dried and a little undone. It’s her makeup that I really love. The lolly pink blush and lipstick combo are an absolute award winning duo against that totes hot Michael Kors dress – that actually fits and doesn’t show her rack (even if it is a great rack). Hooray.

2. Doutzen ‘doing L’Oreal proud’ Kroes

In a word. Classic. Doutz’s simple updo works well with her bright red Zac Posen dress and that funky little flick of the fringe she’s got going on gives it a slightly vintage feel. And, although every time I look at this pic I sit here shaking my head, wishing that she’d gone the mad red lipstick, I have to give her credit for that liquid liner. It’s great. Almost as great as Erin’s, but not quite.

3. Lake ‘a rack to rival Blake’s’ Bell

Perhaps it has something to do with names that sound similar, Lake, Blake… Fake, but my, my that is some serious canage Lake has going on. Wowza, it’s distracting me, let alone all you hot blooded dudes that click into PRIMPED for your daily dose of beauty/perving/tips for your girlfriend. Anyway, great rack aside, Lake’s hair here is what caught my eye. The volume at the back, probably created with a shitload of backcombing, and the loose, flowy pieces at the side looks really good. I’m always looking for new updos that are simple to recreate and I think I’m going to give this one a go. I’ll do a vid so you can do it, too. Her makeup’s nice, not amazing, but nice. See how her eyeliner is heavier on the bottom than the top? That’s a great tip to try if you’ve got heavy lids or rounded eyes as it stops them from being too top heavy. Just an added tid bit for you. Overall, she looks smokin’ here. P.S Lake, I loved you in Boston Legal. Probably my favourite show of all time. Masterchef and Top Chef not included. Great work. Have you seen it, Primpers? BEST SHOW EVER.

4. Molly ‘pretty hair and makeup’ Sims

Yes, Molly Sims is hot. BUT, sometimes I think she can look a little masculine. Just saying. Here, however, she looks soft and pretty with her simple ponytail and lovely long lashes and peachy/pink cheeks. I love this look on her especially paired with her strapless D&G gown. What I like most though, is the tiny little centre part she’s created in her hair. It creates balance and makes this style even more on-trend. Because, as we all know, centre parts are the shiz right now.

5. Diane ‘understated and undeniably beautiful’ Kruger

There’s something about Diane Kruger that makes me look at her and sigh a deep sigh of admiration for her style. She smashes it every time. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her look bad. Ever. Even here, there’s nothing amazing going on. Her hair is just pulled back into the style I wear on the weekend and her makeup isn’t fancy, just a little dab of bronzer here and there and some black eyeliner. But wowza, doesn’t she look great, Primpers? Maybe it’s got something to do with her sexualay Jason Wu dress. I really need to incorporate more red into my wardrobe, geez it’s a good colour. Anyway, Diane here proves that you don’t need to have the mad style and full face of makeup to look stunning.

6. Agyness ‘I’m really good at growing out my hair’ Deyn

Here Aggy goes again looking all cool and funky and a little bit rockstar. She pulls it off with as much ease as LiLo pulls off her clothes (have you seen her topless pic on Twitter? So random, why would she do that?) Anyway, Primpers, apart from her hair here, which looks great despite the crazy regrowth, Aggy’s skin looks ridiculous. It’s so dewy and radiant and… moist. Much of that has to do with her foundation, and the touch of cream blush that she’s got on her cheeks. If you want to look like this, try a liquid foundation and cream blush, rather than powder and boom, you’re there. Her slightly smoked up eye makeup is lovely, too, and as for those brows, well, they’re pretty much perfect.

7. Heidi ‘I have the mad pregnant glow’ Klum

Silver, shimmery dress. Silver, shimmery eye makeup. It makes sense and Primpers, I must say, I’ve been noticing celebs doing this more and more lately. There was once a time where we used to see evidence of such makeup banditry and grimace in our chairs, but today, it’s totes acceptable. The key is to focus on one area, like Heidi and her eyes here. If she’d gone all metallic on her skin and lips, too, it would never have worked, but because she kept her skin sparkle-free (no glitter in sight) and her lips slightly glossed but not metallic at all, it worked.

8. Claire ‘looking a lot like January Jones here’ Danes

Is it just me or is Claire Danes looking A LOT like January Jones here? Maybe it’s the slightly curled, side parted hairstyle. Who knows? But there’s definitely a resemblance. To me, Claire always seems a little, well, boring. She doesn’t often take risks which is exactly why I’m saluting her for trying this lovely tomato red lipstick. It’s delish. She’s still played it safe, going for the naked eyes with loads of black mascara but let’s call that sensible, rather than safe, because it really does look good on her. Well done, Claire.

9. Ashley ‘I have the biggest, roundest eyes on Earth’ Olsen

I don’t think I’ve ever noticed how massive Ashley Olsen’s eyes are. Wowza. They are HUGE. And so, so round. She’s a clever girl, you know Primpers, because she’s balanced the black liner on the top and the bottom (like Lake) so that her eyes don’t seem too round. Just nicely round. Her makeup is simple and fresh, with a touch of bronzer and browny lipstick to offset her tangerine vintage dress. I would have liked to see a bit more texture in her hair, maybe even more of a curl or something, but overall, Ash looks beautiful here. Very elegant and pretty, indeed.

10. Kirsten ‘pink blush makes me smile’ Dunst

Kiki goes for the mad black smoky eye here and personally, I think it looks like she’s had a terrible fight with an eye kohl. It’s too heavy. It makes her eyes look so small and the blue in them is all hidden. Shame. Eye makeup aside, her cheeks are delightful. She’s gone for a lovely pink cream blush and my, my doesn’t it suit her? Her hair is sweet, too. Gently side-swept and loosely pulled back.

Who’s your favourite, Primpers?
Is Blake too tanned?
Ya reckon Lake’s can are real?
Have you seen Boston Legal? It really is the best show. So funny.

Check out our Top 10 slideshow from the CFDA Awards if you’re wanting to look busy at work but can’t can’t be bothered checking that spreadsheet for the 50th time.

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  • Posted by: Sheedz Newbie // Wed, 17 June 2009 04:20pm

    I think Kirsten should have stuck with grey/brown to smoke her eye up. The black is too dark for her features.

  • Posted by: jadie Supporter // Wed, 17 June 2009 04:51pm

    Blake always looks amazing but she looks especially gorgeous here. Agyness’s skin looks so glowy – jealous much?

  • Posted by: kendall // Wed, 17 June 2009 10:03pm

    boston legal was the wittiest show on the box, i really miss it.
    as for blake, she does look very Barbie-ish. but i’m prob just jealous im pasty with dark hair and wearing black.

  • Posted by: kendall // Wed, 17 June 2009 10:06pm

    and if blake’s a Barbie, then i have to say Ashley Olsen has always reminded me of this Cabbage Patch Doll i used to have. Still have.

  • Posted by: Donna // Wed, 17 June 2009 10:21pm

    For me, Agy’s skin is on the too shiny and near to damp side of dewy. I much prefer Kirsten’s cute pink flush.

  • Posted by: LouBoo // Thu, 18 June 2009 10:16am

    Blake looks HOT! It probably is “too tanned” but I LOVE it, she looks amazing and I am seething with envy!

  • Posted by: B // Fri, 19 June 2009 11:48am

    You know – I really love Diane Kruger.. She always looks so sexy, in a really classy way.

  • Posted by: elmo // Mon, 22 June 2009 11:51am

    I think Blake is my fave here – I love her style, it just suits me more, I’m very much into low key hair and makeup. The tan is ALMOST too much, but I think it still works. Somehow she doesn’t look Paris-like, desipte being that tanned. And I ADORE that dress!

  • Posted by: inaj Devotee // Wed, 24 June 2009 09:28pm

    I think Blake looks beautiful and that hot pink dress really suits her. Maybe the tan is just a bit too much but it still looks good.

  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan // Tue, 13 May 2014 07:40pm

    Blake looks like a beach babe, her skin is so tanned.

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